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Hi! My name is Melissa, 

I believe we can shape the future of humanity. To change the world, we need to start with ourselves because when we know and value our true identity as happy, peaceful and loving beings we become limitless.

I'm an author, inspirational speaker and mind bender (kinda like a Personal Trainer, but instead of training the body, we work on your mind).

I help mission oriented humans to value their inner greatness, breakthrough their struggles and overcome their limitations, so they can achieve their highest potential and make an impact on the future of humanity.


Are you ready to unleash your limitless potential and help shape the future of humanity?

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    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your calling?
  • Have you ever felt unworthy or undeserving of your dreams?
  • Have you ever felt guilty for failing?
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    Have you ever felt like something is missing?
  • Do you desire a life of happiness, fulfilment and achievement?

What I've discovered is you are not alone! Many people struggle to with their big calling, their big dream, and I've learned that often this struggle is about identity and self worth. In my work, I help you to work through your struggles, so they can become your secret weapon, I help you to turn your biggest failures into success, achievement and fulfilment! 

When we know and value our true identity, we can more easily achieve happiness, peace and fulfilment... 

My journey through depression and family violence happened for a reason, I realise I can turn my negatives into positives by using all I have learned since to help others to improve the speed and likelihood of achievement. I discovered one thing that changes lives and the effect ripples outwardly, positively impacting families, work life and the world. I've documented the logic and process in my upcoming book, Start with I

I've discovered many people struggle with feeling like they aren't good enough, they don't deserve more or better, and they can't achieve their big dreams. What I've learned is those who know and value themselves, feel good about their lives and their work are the most likely people to create a successful and fulfilling life. This is what I want to help you with.

"In Australia, it's estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime." - Beyond Blue Australia

A major contributor to the big issues humanity faces, is lack of identity. We see this in the way we talk about ourselves, the value we give to ourselves, and the guilt we suffer from because of perceived failure. This deeply affects our ability to see the possibilities, believe in them and go forth to achieve them. It also contributes to the ever growing issues of depression and mental health. I believe changing the way we look at ourselves, can impact lives, families, work places, communities and all of humankind.

Who is Melissa?

Melissa is the author of Domestic Violence on Ice - How I transformed my shattered dream into an inspirational storyand soon to be published, Start with I - How to Achieve your Limitless Potential to Shape the Future of Humanity.

She is also an inspirational speaker, teaching her process for achievement. She wrote Start with I, to document her process, as she recognises the key to success is developing self worth, then belief with the outcome of achievement.

Melissa believes change starts with the individual, and the most powerful change one can make is to develop a loving self image. This is the change that can impact lives, families, work places, communities and humankind.

Some of Melissa's life achievements

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    She transformed her feelings of "failed at life" as a depressed, drug-fuelled family violence survivor and solo mother, into her greatest blessing and secret weapon.
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    She learned the key to achievement is through the discovery of happiness, peace and love, which has led her to be living a fulfilling life where she achieves her lifelong goals.
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    She helps others unlock their limitless potential through her mind bending work
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    She teaches how living in alignment with a greater purpose can transform lives, families, work places, communities and all of humankind.