Hi, I'm Melissa

I help women discover their inner fearless, share their message with the world and develop strategy for their freedom businesses so they can have the future they desire.‚Äč

I'm a MINDSET AND STRATEGY BUSINESS COACH for female entrepreneurs.

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    Are self limiting beliefs preventing you from PURSUING YOUR DREAMS?
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    Do you feel fear or overwhelm when you think of your LIFE'S PURPOSE?
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    Are you searching for precise steps that will help you turn your VISION OF THE FUTURE into REALITY?

Build a BRIGHTER FUTURE. Develop your business and unlock your FREEDOM.

Overcome your fears. Share your Message. Build your Future.

I've been through a huge transformational journey, after leaving a drug-fuelled violent relationship with two very young children, I found myself empty, lost and without any real direction or purpose in my life. I made a commitment to myself to become a successful and inspirational woman. I've achieved this by working hard on my mindset, shifting my thoughts and beliefs, achieving my goals, publishing my book and developing my business. I share my message to inspire women around the world and show them they can have it all. Click here to learn more about my inspirational story.

You have an inspirational story to share and you dream of creating a business that has a real impact on the world. 

You've got so much to offer. So much potential. And so much passion for what you do. 


You're letting fear, confusion and overwhelm slow you down, or stop you all together. 

The thing is, if you allow your fear to take over, you're depriving the world of your message. You're not helping the people who need your help. And that's a shame. 

And that's where I come in. When we work together we will:

  • Break through your fears and develop focus, so you can fly!
  • Move away from overwhelm to focused clarity and action taking 
  • Get clear on your message and your ideal clients 
  • Break down your big hairy audacious goals into achievable, manageable steps
  • Develop your freedom business so you make your impact and create a better future!
  • Support you every step of the journey to achieving your goals


Book a breakthrough call and find out how!

My exciting new relationship

Over the past few months I've discovered the most wonderful non profit organisation, PrepairNZ. The mission of this organisation is to "help prevent domestic abuse in Aotearoa by teaching young girls about healthy relationships, mental & emotional abuse and self-love."

When I learned about the organisation, I fell in love with it. The values are so beautiful. Half of all book profits are donated to this AMAZING organisation.


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