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An inspirational LIFESTYLE BUSINESS COACH saving the world from mediocre living by helping courageous and adventurous women create HEARTFUL, PURPOSE-DRIVEN businesses to support their DREAM LIFESTYLE!

ARE YOU READY to refine your clarity and focus to get your business moving forward?

Do you desire an INCOME FROM YOUR PASSION while helping people and impacting the world?

Do you lust after your LOCATION INDEPENDENT, FREEDOM LIFE, a life you FALL IN LOVE with everyday?

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If your desires include using your unique combo of talents, skills and passions to create an impact on the world but you are unsure of the next steps to get there, I'm here to help you on your journey!

That fear, confusion and overwhelm you experience every now and then (or all the time) can sometimes result in inaction, or lack of focused action, slowing the progress of your business.

I GET IT!! I've been there too and (for me) hiring a coach to guide me was the best decision! I'll help you break through your fear and develop focus so you can fly!

Let me help you break down your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) into achievable, manageable steps so it becomes easier to arrive at the place you want to be!

Let's make your journey EXHILARATING, let's move that overwhelm to focused clarity and action taking!

You CAN do this. You can MAKE IT WORK. I CAN help you create a lifestyle business so you can live the life you dream of!

My exciting new relationship

Over the past few months I've discovered the most wonderful non profit organisation, PrepairNZ. The mission of this organisation is to "help prevent domestic abuse in Aotearoa by teaching young girls about healthy relationships, mental & emotional abuse and self-love."

When I learned about the organisation, I fell in love with it. The values are so beautiful. Half of all book profits will be donated to this AMAZING organisation. I can't wait for the launch on 27th October!!


Dream Lifestyle Creators - Melissa Wiringi

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