Hi, I'm Melissa

I'm a published author, thought leader and inspirational speaker. I help women tap into their intuition and share their message with the world to create their dream future

Domestic Violence on Ice

This is a compelling story of love, lies, drugs, paranoia, depression and eventually violence. The story covers Melissa's departure from the world that left her feeling completely empty. She walked away not knowing who she was, she didn't recognise herself anymore.

She spent the following two years rebuilding her life so she could become the woman she dreamed of being. In the years that followed, Melissa followed her intuition which led her to living her dreams, travelling, marrying and having another child. She has become an author, inspirational speaker and mindset coach for inspirational women with a message to share.

Melissa openly and honestly shares her experiences in the hope she can inspire women in tough situations to change their lives for the better. 50% of profits from book sales will be donated to Prepair NZ, a New Zealand non profit working toward prevention of domestic violence by educating young women about healthy relationships and self love.

What people say about Domestic Violence on Ice...

Captivating story!

I felt moved and intrigued to learn about the story. It's so beautifully written and easy to read, I feel like I was transported into your mind and your emotions during that painful time in your life. I can't wait to read it!

Jacquie Wootton

A powerful, captivating story

It was amazing. It held my attention right to the very end and when I finished reading the last sentence, I felt amazing. Powerful. Confident. In awe of my self and other solo parents. It gave me a renewed sense of self and sense of value. ‚ÄčThe power of a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister. A woman. Wow.


Upcoming Books

I'm currently writing my second book, it is about escaping a mediocre reality, and diving into the possibilities of a more fulfilling and rewarding life. I haven't yet worked out exactly what the title will be, but I'm playing with a few ideas from my childhood writing! 

I've recently contributed a chapter in an upcoming co-written book and I'm just awaiting information on the release date. I'll send email / social media updates as soon as I am advised! 

I'm also contributing to a workbook for survivors of Domestic Violence. This work is to go hand in hand with a charity I'm involved with. I'll bring you more information on this once I make more progress, but I expect this one will be released toward the end of 2018 or early 2019.